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    1) During the warranty period, users enjoy free maintenance service by authorized service centers under the condition that the function failure is covered by the relevant state laws and regulations which occurred under correct product operation, following the user guide, and with the provision of the warranty card and original purchase value

    2) Function failure occurring under the following conditions is not covered by the limited warranty, but can be repaired for a fee:

    • Function failure or damage caused by using the product without following the user guide
    • Function failure or damage caused by repairing or changing product parts by the customer
    • Function failure or damage caused by accidental drops, collision or careless transport
    • Function failure or damage due to force majeure or natural disasters

    3) In addition to the maintenance services listed in the warranty card, users also enjoy other rights within the scope of relevant state laws and regulations with the provision of a valid purchase invoice during the warranty period.

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