Our Company

Lifetrons is a well-known Swiss beauty brand, specializing in beauty and personal care solutions. We are committed to providing revolutionary, high-tech beauty electronics to effectively improve and restore the skin while delaying the aging process. 

Our luxury beauty tools are specifically designed for at-home skincare and are professionally recommended by world renowned physicians. We strive to design innovative beauty tools to turn back time and restore your skin’s natural, healthy glow. Lifetrons will empower you to look and feel naturally beautiful every day while transforming your skincare experience.


We aim to become a globally recognized brand of excellence and the foremost supplier for innovative high quality beauty and lifestyle products.


We are committed to providing high quality beautytronics and electronic devices for people all over the world. Our brand is distinctive in both exceptional style and extraordinary portability. We design and deliver a wide range of beauty and health devices according to the traditional Swiss standards of high quality design, reliability and innovation.


  • We shape the future of travel retail electronics and beautytronics through our passion for innovation and providing cutting-edge technology
  • We are dedicated to designing and providing only the highest quality products that will benefit our customers
  • We are committed to providing our customers exceptional value for money
  • We recognize our customers as the primary focus of all our activities and endeavors
  • We act with integrity by maintaining professionalism and keeping our promises
  • We deliver excellence in customer service by responding in a timely and proactive manner to all queries


Founded in 2005, we pride ourselves on our achievements and ability to deliver high quality products across a global market. Originally created for travel retail, we are now expanding rapidly into duty free and domestic markets with our award winning beauty devices which can be found today worldwide.

Our Partners

Lifetrons beauty devices can be found on-board over airlines, in duty free shops, in Lifetrons own retail shops or online at https://www.lifetrons.sg and other online retailers. We understand how our sustainability efforts depend on the support and participation of our business partners.



The many internationally recognized prestigious awards received for our products are an indication for the success of the design, high quality and effectiveness of the products we provide.